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About us

Helag is one of Sweden's leading manufacturers of terminal blocks, end connector terminal blocks and junction boxes. Since the start, we have delivered technical solutions / products to the manufacturing industry and the electrical installation industry.

We have a flexible production, where we have the opportunity to adapt both products and the packaging around them, to meet specific requirements. The materials are carefully selected to always deliver high quality products.

The company originates from 1958 and in 1975 Svenska Helag AB was founded, which today is part of listed OEM International AB. Visit the website,

For over 40 years, we, together with leading manufacturers, have been able to offer high application knowledge and specilist expertise. Our customers are in different industries, including medical technology, pro-audio, lighting, automotive and defense.

Mattias Gustafsson, Managing Director

Helag markets a wide range of connectors and enclosures for the electronics industry, electrical installation and device manufacturers. From the simplest to the most advanced applications.

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Tel: +46 75 242 46 01

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